Feel like a rollin stone, do we these days? Not getting much satisfaction are you? We are born to create, not regurgitation. Yet, most live a life filled more with the latter than the former. There are two ways most live; satisfied or content, yet lack eagerness for more out of life. The second, many desire or are eager for more, but never satisfied with what they have already! Truthfully, I think most live full of contentment, and not the good kind. Most live, with less Hope than they use too. Most live a life in survival mode more so than revival. Most go through life, full of numbness of the past, present and projections of their future. And in turn, get a life full of no satisfaction.

Sinful Desires?

Is having a desire for something, more out of life a sin? Some think so! Is being satisfied with what is, a show of laziness? Some think so! There’s nothing wrong with desiring more out of life, if you don’t lose sight of what you have. There’s something about the combination being appreciative for what you have, and at the same time being eager for more in life. It’s just good emotional stewardship, I have personally experienced.

Recently, I visited my elderly parents. Married almost seventy years now, and still residing on a farm they built from scratch. Recently they got a new Boston Terrier puppy! And there’s no mistaken, the eagerness of this, ball of energy of an animal child. And at the same time, there is no mistaking the contentment of my parents at this time in their lives. Witnessing as well as experiencing the emotional peace of both satisfaction and eagerness is something that I cannot describe. Having, both an appreciation for what is, yet, eagerness for what is to come, brings satisfaction beyond measures. Sure, it’s easy to settle into contentment, hopeless living. Sure it’s fairly easy to desire or want more than we already have. If I learned anything form my family and their little new friend this time around it’s this,

“There is no more satisfaction guaranteed in life than making Peace with what you have, and being eager for what the world will bring you, each and every morning!”

The Messenger