16 Apr 2017
April 16, 2017

Dear GOD ~ Thank You For That!

An Open Letter to Jesus,

Today I say, Thank you! Thank you for everything you have done for me, since the day I was born, until now, but especially a few thousand years ago. You didn’t even know me, but you put your life on the line for me. You gave your life, so I could pursue mine. From what I am told, you had your hand on me even before I was born. The day of my birth you gave me a home, a good home with love, faith and your presence. So I say thank you for that as well.

Today, I will be the first to admit, I was not always there for you, and at times, honestly thought you were not there for me either. My life has had its successes, failures, ups and downs like an old eagle rollercoaster, but in the end I always came out smooth and sailing. Stubborn and prideful I was, there’s no way of saying it any other way, but you stuck will me. Four times I faced death in the face and you were there each time to spare my life. So I say, thank you for that as well.

Today, life is much different than any other time in my life. Maybe it did take me losing everything I thought was important in this world to truly realize the things that are more important and money cannot buy. Today, after seven long years of pure Hell, I taste a little part of Heaven. So I say, thank you for that as well.

Today, especially today, I am grateful for you rolling that stone away so many years ago. In doing so, you have steadfastly strengthened my Faith in ways I could never have imagined, even some from a few short years ago. Giving your life on that cross and rising again a few days later, today, allows me the path to tell a story. A story of how each and every time I thought I was left for dead, you were there to breathe life back into a tired rundown soul. So I say thank you for that as well.

Today, as we celebrate such an uprising years ago, I say thank you for once again being by my side, even in times I thought you were never there. Thank you from the bottom of my soul!

Your Faithful Messenger

Greg Patrick Ryan