I don’t wonder, I know. It’s common sense, or lack there of! I don’t wonder why health or sick care is so messed up, I know its because of mainly two reasons. But hey, why have common sense when you have a drug for everything.

Years and years of classes, hundreds of thousands of dollars invested! And still we have a messed up, SICK health care system. And people wonder why? It’s very simple. You don’t teach it, you will not use it. But you sure as heck could use it about now.  All those years and dollars and doctors are not even approached by the two most important subject matters in their career and too us the patient; proper nutrition for us, and business 101 for them. And we wonder why in the heck the system is broke, disease so high and doctor suicides are at the all time high! Really? Have we lost all the common sense we can muster? Really big Pharma? Do you care so much more about a customer than a cure that you don’t even teach it in school? Or, or do you NOT want the doctors to know so they are enabled by you the money makers? Truth hurts! But so does the millions of people with disease that maybe could have been avoided with proper education from the medical world.

It’s beyond my comprehension and understanding how an industry can and does miss the boat so far. So it begs the question, do they want the doctors to educate on proper prevention through Nutrition and run a profitable medical practice. I argue, NOT! If they did, then they would, GOD forbid lose customers, because they are healthier. There’s a novel idea, healthy people.

Go into ninety percent of any doctors office or hospital and they are broke. Overhead, liability insurance, over worked under paid staffing. They, medical professionals are just not good financially sound business people, they just aren’t. Heck, I’m not sure doctors even know what the importance of anti oxidants are for? But, boy they know every drug, what its for and exactly the slick way of prescribing them to anyone and everyone. Most practices are one liability case away from going under. And if you tell any doctor you are taking a supplement or eating a certain way, good lord you will be scolded for taking them and messing up their chemo regiments. So here’s my common sense, free advice on my prescription pad; you want to truly help people, empower them and have a fighting chance on disease prevention? Doctor, go learn basic 101 nutrition and the importance of it, and lay off the drugs. Second, go take a business friend out to lunch and learn what a profit and loss statement is, verses a lab report. Then, and only then we the ones who fill up your offices may have a fighting chance to not have to sit in your seats waiting to see you for, lets see maybe four minutes these days?

The Public